Hula- He Hawai'i Au

1977, musician Dennis Kamakahi performed in Washington State, USA. After the concert, he called Hawaii back to his lover and used the song he wrote... her suitor

This song was written in 1977 at Tacoma , WA. while the composer did a concert at the Federal Prison on McNeil Island in Puget Sound ... The composer was undecided, at that time, whether to return to Hawai`i or go Back to Alaska, where he had decided to make his home. Waiting back in Hawai`i was his future wife. Perhaps absence does make the heart yearn for true love when one is separated by distance. After the concert, the composer called her on The phone and proposed to her with this song. Dennis Kamakahi and his wife just celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary July 16, 2002                                                                       

He Hawai’i Au

I kēia pō eia au me ʻoe

Kēia pō ua hoʻi mai au

He loa ka helena ma ke ala hele

E huli i wahi ma kēia ao

Maopopo a ua ʻike hoʻi

Ka home i loko o kuʻu puʻuwai

Ua hoʻi mai au, ke ʻike nei au

ʻAʻole au e ʻauana hou

Ke maopopo he Hawaiʻi au


Tonight I am here with you

Tonight, I have returned

Long was my journey on the path

To seek a place in this world

I now clearly see and understand

The home within my heart

I returned when I realized this

I will not wander again

For I understand, I am Hawaiian